Air Conditioner condenser disguised by TRiCC utility cover

TRiCC utility cover is a NEW faux evergreen utility equipment cover. It is specially designed to disguise and provide protection for your valuable but unattractive utility equipment like, air conditioner condensers, heat pumps, pool pumps/filters/heaters, and home generators.

The ONLY cover available to the homeowner that is Proven, Safe, Attractive, Economical and Maintenance-free to disguise and protect utility equipment.

Without the TRICC utility cover for Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner condenser without TRiCC utility cover


We Want TRiCC utility cover To Be Part Of Your Landscaping Dream — To Help You Reinvent Your Outdoor Living Space!

TRiCC utility cover blends easily with your existing landscaping, and most importantly will not interfere with the operation of your utility equipment. TRiCC utility cover is easy to install over your unsightly equipment…all you need is your two hands!

  • TRiCC utility cover was field tested by a LEED certified engineering firm and showed no short cycling or overheating of equipment it covered.
  • TRiCC utility cover provides significant noise reduction; proven in a field test by a LEED certified engineering firm.
  • TRiCC utility cover is constructed of high grade UV protected and non-corrosive materials.
  • TRiCC utility cover is a very effective barrier to weather, leaves, falling branches, landscaping hazards and animal waste.

TRiCC utility cover enhances the look of your property beautifully.  Visit the TRiCC utility cover Store now!